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Random Thoughts

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Risen from the Grave

Sunday, May 20, 2007

While I was browsing through my friendster I came across one of my office mates accounts. Oddly I noticed that he had some sort of ad that his blog was now back up for everyone to see.

So, I tried to access his blog and lo and behold it had a link to my old blog. I clicked on it and wallah it took me back to memory lane, back to times when everything significant that happened to me found it's way into my very own blog.

It really was nice reminiscing and savoring the fun times, (and some hard times)by reading through the passages. It really was so fulfilling that I've decided to resurrect my Blog from the ashes!!!!

UAAP Season 69

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This coming Saturday, July 8, 2006, the UAAP would again open its doors to college athletes and give them the chance to showcase their skills and ultimately bring honor to their respective universities. At the same time, this would usher in the start of the Men’s Basketball competition, wherein teams from the 7 member schools would now have the opportunity to oust the FEU Tamaraws from their reign as the Kings of UAAP Men’s Basketball.

Of course, I’d still be giving my full support to my Alma Mater, University of Santo Tomas. I believe that this year’s roster of Tigers will be able to match up with the stronger teams so I’m pretty optimistic about our chances of making it to the Final Four.

Aside from the Tigers, the Warriors (UE), Eagles (ADMU), and the Tams (FEU) are shoe-ins to the Final Four. The fourth and final spot should be a battle between the Tigers (UST) and Fighting Maroons (UP). Of course you could never count out the Bulldogs (NU), who most spectators see as the dark horse of this year’s tournament, and the Falcons (Adamson), who will be parading Leo Austria as their new coach.

I almost failed to mention that the De La Salle Green Archers are suspended from this year’s UAAP tournament. This was because of the controversy that some of their players were involved in late last year. Most observers are curious as to what the UAAP scene would turn out without the boys from Taft.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for a couple of more days to finally find out.

Fresh Start

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Finally after months of planning to change my Blog Theme I actually was able to update it early this morning. I was browsing the internet, trying to find the easiest way to change the skin on my Blog and what you're seeing right now is the final product of what seemed to be a task that took forever.

I guess it'll be a while before I again decide to change my Blog Template. Heheheheh


I would also like to greet my Hunny in advance. She'll be celebrating her 28th birthday this July 7, here's to hoping that we be able to celebrate a lot more of your birthdays together.

I love you.

Just passing time...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's my RESTDAY!!! After 4 weeks of rendering WORD, (Work on Rest Days) I'm very thankful that for this week I'll be enjoying my day off's, yep that's in plural form meaning it's more than 1 rest day.

I really couldn't imagine that I'll be able to render WORD for 4 straight weeks! Whew, I just didn't knew what got into me, maybe the the thought of being reprimanded and being issued an IR, (Incident Report), forced me, and the rest of my team to adhere with the company's Mandatory WORD policy.

But aside from the fear of being slapped with a memo, the company also came out with additional incentive for agents who'll render WORD every week. It's a cumulative incentive wherein the amount of incentive you'll receive will depend on the number of times you render WORD.

This is really a good motivating factor, that I think the company should adapt every time they require their agents to render Mandatory WORD. It's a little something that the company could give to show their gratitude to their personnel for sparing a day off of their Rest Days to help the company.

Just my two cents!


Last Wednesday the Miami Heat got their first NBA Championship outlasting the Dallas Mavericks in 6 games. The cast led by Dwayne Wade swept the last 4 games after they fell behind 0 - 2 in the best of seven series with the Mavs.

Dwayne Wade won the finals MVP (hands down!!) after he mustered a phenomenal performance in the series. His timely heroics helped the Heat slither out of some tight spots which could have decided the series outcome.

Will this be the start of a new dynasty in the East, who knows? But for now the Miami Heat are the Kings of the NBA.

Beauty Pageant BooBoo's

Monday, May 15, 2006

Really amusing, enjoy!!!

Host: What was the very first gift that you gave to your girlfriend?
Male Contestant: Uhmm... taptoy.
Host: What taptoy?
Male Contestant: Taptoy na teddy bird.

Host: What's your ideal age for marriage?
Girl: Uhmm... I am n ot sure...
Host: Hindi... Kunwari ikaw, more or less...?
Girl: Uhmm... more.
(crowd booing...)
Sige, Sige... Less, less....

Host: If you had a foreigner friend, where will you bring him to showcase the beauty of the Philippines?
Girl Contestant: Bocaue.
Host: Bocaue...? Why Bocaue?
Girl: Because it's a magnificent place.
Host: Which part of Bocaue?
Girl: The Bocaue Rice Terraces.
(Banawe kaya 'yon!)

Host: Who's your favorite author?
Contestant: Danielle Steele.
Host: Why Danielle Steele?
Contestant: Because... because Danielle Steele, I like best. Thank you.

Host: How would you like me to address you?
Contestant: My address is Project 8, Quezon City.

Host: What is your best feature?
Contestant: My graduation feature.

Host: So tell us, why did you join this contest?
Contestant: Me? Join this contest? Why did I... That's all. Thank you!

Host: What do you want to be after you graduate?
Contestant: I want to be a successful Medicine.

Host: Hindi ito boob... hindi ito tube... Pero tinatawag itong boobtube. Ano ito?
Contestant: BRA!

Host: What would you like to say to foreigners?
Contestant: Please come back.

Host: What is your typical day?
Contestant: I think Saturday po!

(Gay Contest)

Host: Ano ang advantage mo sa ibang contestant?
Gay Contestant: I think and believe na bilang isang bading... (pause)
....Ano nga po ulit yung question?

Host: Which part of your body is your best asset?
Contestant: (believe it or not she answered) ...Si Melanie Marquez po!

Host: What is your favorite motto?
Contestant: (after a long pause) I don't have a motto eh.
(so the crowd starts helping her out. the crowd started saying, "Time is gold! Time is gold!")
Contestant: I have na po. Chinese gold!

Host: If you were to describe the color blue to a blind person, how would you do it?
Contestant: That's a very good question. Keep it up. (then the girl turns and walks away.)

Host: Who is your favorite fictional character?
Girl: JOSE RIZAL! (crowd starts laughing.)
Host: Who is your favorite hero then?
Girl: Hulk Hogan.

Host: If you were to become a superhero, what would your power be?
Girl Contestant: Uhmm... bumble bee!

Host: What is your edge over the other contestants?
Girl Contestant: My edge is 23 years old.

Host: What, in your opinion, is the ideal age for marriage?
Girl: Between 24 and 25!

Host: How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Girl: I'll be 28.

Host: Describe your special someone in three words.
Girl: Kahit nga po 1 word, kaya ko.
Host: Ok, sige...
Girl: In one word... MY LIFE!

Host: If you were given any special power, what would it be?
Girl: Power of Attorney!

Host: So you like reading, who's your favorite author?
Girl: Uhmm, Shakespeare.
Host: What works of Shakespeare?
Girl: Hindi ko po alam eh.
Host: But he's your favorite...?
Girl: Eh... kasi patay na sya eh.

Host: What is the biggest problem facing the youth today?
Girl: Drugs.
Host: Why?
Girl: Mahal eh!

Host: Hey, I heard you almost didn't make it, how did yo u get here? Did you ride or did you walk?
Gay Contestant: Of course, did you ride. What do you think of me, did you walk?

(Little Miss Philippines)

Host: Ano'ng gusto mo maging pag-laki mo?
Girl: Maging lalaki po!

Sleepy Head

Wow, it really has been a while since my last update. Last time, I was preparing for a 6-day vacation. Well, those 6 days seemed to just breeze through, time really flies by you when you're enjoying yourself.

**Pictures to be posted soon!!

I'm back to work, unfortunately.. eheheh and looking forward to the next vacation which would probably be in September. We're off to Guimaras Island in Iloilo. Just hope the weather wouldn't be that gloomy because of the rainy season.


I don't know what's gotten into me but I've been mostly sleepy the past few days. Maybe it's just because of the simple reason that I've had less sleep or it might be because that I've just been thinking too much as of late.

There were times where I'd just stare at the monitor and after a while find myself dozing off to la la land. Good thing I've never been caught yet (because I do most of my dozing off at the office), but who knows, right? I might, one of these days, find myself at the receiving end of one vicious tongue lashing from my manager.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Next Thursday I'll be flying to Iloilo for a well deserved vacation. I'd be staying there for a night and then the following morning I'll be heading to Boracay (via Bus which I think takes around 3 - 4 hours). We'll be spending 4 days and 3 nights in Boracay, enjoying the sights and sounds of what many consider the best island getaway this part of the world has to offer. Then we'll be heading back to Iloilo to spend one last night before heading back to Manila on May 2.

So for those who'll be going to Boracay from April 28 - May 1, see you guys there!

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